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Fan Fiction

SONIC & THE TRANSFORMERS EPISODE 5 - Chapter 2: Part 2. Missed the first part of Chapter 2? Click here.

MAX: I'm not too crazy about this duel of honor Ace.

His majesty and his wife were meeting with me inside the throne room of Castle Acorn.

ALICIA: Besides, you don't know if Borf will play fairly or cheat to defeat you.

ACE: The code of honor on our world specifies that both combatants fight evenly without assistance from their comrades.

SALLY: I don't like it one bit. <frowns with arms folded>

MAX: I don't like it too my dear.

ACE: Under those rules I'm confident I can beat Borf at his own game. If he does not abide by the rules, SkyNet will let me know.

ALICIA: Very well, my husband and I wish you best of luck.

MAX: Indeed, the whole kingdom is behind you 100%.

ACE: Thank you sire, my queen. <check watch> The time and location of the rumble is about to begin.

SALLY: Then let's not keep the opposition waiting for us, he? <playful leer on her face>

Transporting Sally's parents in style aboard the cabs of the semi forms of Ace and Sally...other eyewitnesses including Dr Kintobor and the Anti-Freedom Fighters from Dark Mobius who crossed over to watch the rumble via the Star Post transporter, the Wolf Pack Nation and Feline Nation, blah-blah-blah...the Autobots proceeded to the Coliseum where the battle was to take place. Once there everybody took their seats within the circular amphitheater.

COLIN: Okay, we're here so where's the opposition? <scowls>

IVO: Does that answer your question, sir? <points into the sky>

COLIN: Oops, sorry I asked. <shrugs helplessly>

DON: Uh, yup. They have arrived. <frowns>

ANTOINE: <also frowns> I hate and despise those evil grays.

BUNNY: Me too dear.

KIMBERLY: Good luck, leader. May the magic be with you.

ACE: You got it Kimmy. <I like to call her by that nickname>

KIMBERLY: <laughs> At least you don't have to hear me keep calling you Dexter, yes? <smirks>

ACE: Oh far out. <roll my eyes>

Tails, Amy, Fiona, Jesse Dart, Flash Gordon, Team Rocket, MewTwo, Sonic, Sally, Nicole, Anti-Sally, Anti-Bunny, Anti-Amy, Anti-Rotor, Anti-Antoine, Anti-Tails booed and jeered the grays yet the Decepticons took no heed whatsoever, instead they thought the Mobian and terran warriors were applauding them.

BORF: Hail Ace, and welcome to defeat. <sneers>

ACE: Oh really? You want to make this Best-of-3 or Best-of-5 rumble?

BORF: Very funny...<glowers> although I am not in the mood for good humor.

ACE: Figures...<shrug>

We levitated to ground level and stood on the main stage facing off each other as the spectators got set to watch the brawl.

JESSE DART: Doesn't this remind you of ancient gladiatorial combats of Rome?

FIONA: I don't know what you're talking about. <confused frown>

JESSE DART: Skip it, lady in black. You wouldn't understand anyway. <grins as she frowns at him>

ACE: May the best warrior of magic win, both light and dark.

BORF: With the loser vanquished forever and that of his gang too.

We saluted each other then commenced throwing orbs of magic at each other then shielding against the projectiles. Unfortunately Ace discovered to his shock and amazement that Borf's strength was more than what he expected.

ACE: Never knew he was that strong...

Both leaders then attacked with kung fu-wushu strikes back and forth landing blows against their targets but it was Borf who seemed to be gaining the advantage over his opponent as the audience gasped each time Ace went down then got up only to be knocked down again.

OMAR: Dad! You can beat him!

ANGEL: Come on, daddy! Don't let him insult you.

SALLY: Hang in there honey!

At the same time Tryax was gloating or boasting to his friends of the specialty powers Borf acquired from his horde.

TRYAX: It seems our leader is doing fine for the moment, what with our added powers to his own.

CRYSTAL: Yeah, looks that way.

AMBER: Ace doesn't stand a chance against him now. <sneers>

MEGAMIND: Yeah, you said it.

SCORCH: Hit him again, boss!

GARY: You got him, who-ho!

BEERUS: He's doomed already. <sneers>

GANTU: Yeah...<smirks>

In the meantime the MonStars arrived outside Freedom Headquarters in their construction vehicle forms transforming back to alien humanoid selves again.

POUND: Right, the boss wants us to destroy SkyNet so he cannot warn Ace.

NAWT: Like taking candy from a baby.

BANG: Cool, I like that part. <rubs hands together>

BLANKO: So how do we get inside without being detected?

POUND: Easy, make ourselves disappear like ghosts then walk through the front door. <gestures>

BUPKUS: I like it when a plan comes to action. <quotes Hannibal Smith of the A-Team television show>

With that they shimmered and vanished in seconds then passed through the main entrance leading into the complex. While back at the Coliseum the rumble continued with the audience cheering for both fighters.

ANTI-SALLY and her Gang: GO ACE-GO ACE-GO ACE! <start chanting and pumping their fists>

IVO: You can beat him Ace, go for it!



Somehow that got me back into the fight as I retaliated with a flurry of punches and kicks staggering-reeling Borf off-balance momentarily who looked shocked that I was not about to submit to him. That's when he upped the antes so to speak.

BORF: You can't fight what you can't see.

Without warning he blasted me with blinding flashes causing me to shield my eyes, turn away briefly yet the effect knocked me off-balance.

OMAR & ANGEL: Dad! <shout together in alarm>

SALLY: Honey! <horror on her face>

MAX & ALICIA: Oh my god! <quote Joey Stiles of ECW>

Then he let me have it with another dark magic assault while I was still incapacitated momentarily.

BORF: Or you cannot fight what you can't hear.

This time he unleashed a barrage of sound waves making me stagger about like a blind man or drunk wino clutching my ears in pain. Kimberly, Flash, Don, Colin, Star Lord, Jesse, James, Jesse Dart, and friends stared in wide eyed horror as they watched their leader getting assaulted without trying to fight back. Although I tried striking back against Borf I was unable to sense where his blows were coming from as he danced around me like Muhammad Ali landing quick jabs to the body and head.

TRYAX: What's he doing, playing with him like that? When is he going to finish him off?!!

I slumped forward clasping my kneecaps with both palms gasping for breath and still unable to focus clearly on my opponent. Borf gloated-taunted me with hands on hips gesture.

BORF: You were good Ace, but not good enough to beat me. <turns to the spectators> And so the battle ends!

Then without warning he struck out with force lightning stinging me all over as I yelled, screamed in pain then crashed-collapsed onto my face and side as a big gasp went up from everyone looking on.

BORF: Ace is finished! All Autobots must exile themselves into space forever! <then laughs evilly>

IVO: I can't believe it. <stunned look> Ace beaten by Borf.

ANTI-FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Oh no...<say together with grim looks>

Omar, Angel, Sally hurried down from the gallery and rushed to my side with worried looks on their faces.

ANGEL: Daddy, daddy...<scared look on her face>

OMAR: Father, speak to us, say something.

SALLY: Honey, wake up. <scared look on her face>

Remembering her training the Freedom Fighter leader called upon the light-side to revive her husband as I regained consciousness opened my eyes and looked up at my wife.

ACE: Honey, what are you doing?

SALLY: I'm sorry you lost the match to Borf. Wish I could've helped but agreed to abide by the code.

ANGEL: <glares at Borf> That no-good bully, how dare he beat you like that.

OMAR: <also glares> Yeah, it's like he cheated or played dirty.

ACE: My fault, did not underestimate Borf's magic. Was not prepared.

That's when my teammates joined me on-stage so to speak.

STAR LORD: Well I'm prepared to kick those butt-heads all the way back to Earth. <bangs fists together>

But I shook my head.

ACE: No, Borf beat me fair and square according to war-games rules. To violate those rules would destroy my honor. We will comply, leave this planet forever.

This made all Mobians gasp in disbelief including Sally's parents too.

MAX: I hate to say this, but...we will not forget you and all you did for us.

ALICIA: Yes, we will always remember you.

FLASH: We'll need to have SkyNet diagnose your injuries to make sure you are not too hurt. <then adds> Can you transform?

ACE: I-I'll try...

Somehow I managed to change into the Western Star 5700 semi form then with my brother towing me back to home base the Autobots made a slow, defeated retreat to headquarters as the Mobian spectators exited the Colisum feeling disappointed and upset about the outcome of the brawl.

BORF: <to his warriors> We will accompany them back to base to make certain Ace keeps his word.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for the third part of Chapter 2? Click here.

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