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Fan Fiction

SONIC & THE TRANSFORMERS EPISODE 5 - Chapter 2: Part 1. Missed the concluding part of Chapter 1? Click here.

After showing videos of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World to the Freedom Fighters, King and Queen Acorn about dinosaurs brought to life through DNA cloning technology myself (Ace), Kimberly, Colin, Star Lord, Flash, Don, James Rocket, Jesse Rocket, MewTwo, Omar and Angel decided to create our own brand of dinosaur anthropomorphic warriors then teach or train them in the magic arts to combat against the dark arts of evil. In no time we created a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Columbia after the first NASA space shuttle, a Triceratops named Challenger, the shuttle that exploded on liftoff, a Stegosaurus named Discovery, a Ultrasaurus named Endeavor, and a Velociraptor named Atlantis which were also named after NASA space shuttles (the latter of which were forced into retirement and reside within Air & Space museums on Earth) At first Sally and her gang were uneasy about having dinosaurs working with them to combat Dr Eggman's forces but in the end agreed to see how well they would follow orders to the letter. Unfortunately the Decepticons received new recruits courtesy of the Grand Council Woman when she sent to Mobius the MonStars (Space Jam movie) alien humanoid warriors resembling NBA legend superstars of basketball such as Pound the green MonStar assuming the identity of Larry Bird (Boston Celtics), Bang the yellow MonStar assuming the identity of Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls), Blanko the blue MonStar assuming the identity of Patrick Ewing (New York Knickerbockers), Bupkus the purple MonStar assuming the identity of Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers), and Nawt the red MonStar assuming the identity of Isiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons)

After the MonStars arrived at Decepticon home base in RoboTropolis and informed Borf and Eggman they were ready to serve and obey at will it was Robotnik himself who sent them on a stealing assignment so to speak to raid a Mobian construction site disguised as normal looking construction vehicles like those used on Earth to build things. Pound disguised as a Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck, Bang disguised as a Caterpillar 9DL Bulldozer, Blanko disguised as a Mack Cement Mixer, Bupkus disguised as a O&K/Terex RH400 Excavator, Nawt disguised as a Kobelco CK2500 Truss Crane since Borf needed important equipment supplies in order to seek vengeance-revenge against Ace once and for all. After a successful strike the MonStars returned to RoboTropolis arriving back at home base.

BORF: So the MonStars proved themselves worthy as my boss said they would, get the job done right so to speak. Pound, report!

MONSTAR POUND: All are present and accounted for my leader. <he and his brothers change back to alien normal forms> Nawt, Blanko, Bang, Bupkus, and myself.

EGGMAN: You have the stolen energy disc components? <all five nod> Excellent, unload and begin work on your project at once.

NAWT: <half bows> It is a honor to serve you Dr Robotnik. <his brothers do the same gesture>

Within seconds the Mean Team was busy constructing a simple machine-like device as Borf, Tryax Kahn, Eggman looked on with evil satisfaction.

BORF: Soon, this invention will give me the power I need to finally defeat the Autobots.

TRYAX: Forgive me for saying it, but I believe your boast sounds vaguely familiar.

BORF: I've failed too many times already but I will not be denied victory this time.

EGGMAN: And how will this invention of the MonStars suffice in your quest for revenge?

BORF: <evil grin> It will allow me to expose Ace's ultimate weakness, his desire of honor.

TRYAX: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

Far away within Autobot home base once known as Freedom Headquarters of course, things were quiet and normal, until that is when Angel and Omar standing outside the main entrance suddenly sensed a tremor disturbance in the magic.

OMAR: Uh-oh, I feel something bad is on the way and I'm talking bad dark arts.

SALLY: Can you identify its source, honey? <asks her daughter Angel>

ANGEL: <reaches out with the magic> Only one presence fast approaching mom. But it's more than one presence when it's Borf!

ACE: Holy s***! <I curse angrily> Since when did he decide to pay us a friendly social call.

OMAR: Here he comes, dad! <points into the sky>

Sure enough it was Borf riding his hover-pod vehicle as he sped towards Autobot HQ but fortunately did not have the Infanto Ray gun with him. Don Davis, Flash Gordon, Star Lord, Colin Kintobor, Jesse Dart, Kimberly, Amy Rose, Tails, Bunny and Antoine DeCoolette, Fiona Fox, Rotor Walrus, Sonic Hedgehog, Team Rocket rushed outside their laser rifles and pistols trained on the approaching warlord then without my orders to engage began shooting into the sky to try and stun the Decepticon leader who skillfully avoided the bolts thrown at him like playing DodgeBall.

ACE: Why have you decided to make yourself a target instead of fighting back?!!

BORF: Because I've come to talk, not fight, Ace.

SALLY: Oh really? <frowns with arms folded>

ACE: Autobots, cease fire. <order everyone to stand down> Very well, speak.

BORF: I have come about a matter of truth, Ace. Our war-games have gone on for too long a time with neither side gaining advantage over the other. Therefore, I suggest a duel of honor in which opposing leaders, you and I shall do battle. The loser must exile himself into space for all eternity, the winner may stay where he chooses.

A big gasp went up from Mobian and Terran warriors alike!

BORF: Do you have the courage to do that? <sneers at me>

SONIC: I don't trust him one bit. <glowers>

TAILS: Me too partner. <also glowers>

KIMBERLY: But it's according to war-games and you can take him. <I nod>

ACE: And it is the code of honor from our own planet. I accept the dare.

BORF: Dare?!! Who said anything about a dare, he? <pretends to look surprised>

He then fought hard to keep from laughing out loud in front of his rival who arched eyebrows like Mr Spock in reply while Sally scowling suspiciously shook her head with arms still folded.

BORF: Somehow I thought you would take the challenge, Ace. You have a strong sense of honor. <again sneers and rises into the sky>

We watched him disappear before heading back into home base. Borf returned to RoboTropolis and Decepticon headquarters as Eggman said the MonStars project was completed and online, ready for testing.

EGGMAN: I don't know what you plan or have in mind but whatever it is, then good luck.

BORF: Thank you sir. <nods>

He lay prone on a table as restraining straps went about his wrists and ankles, sensor pads attached to his torso including his heart and lungs that were connected by wires hooked up to the device. He looked a lot like Frankenstein's monster about to be electro-shocked by lightning to come to life. Pound, Bang, Nawt, Blanko and Bupkus stood next to him on both sides of the table while Gantu, Beerus, MegaMind, Tryax, Gary, Scorch, Amber, Crystal looked on.

BORF: We are ready for the test procedures Pound, commence energy-strength transfer.

POUND: By your command Lord Borf. <salutes him>

The green MonStar activated a control panel as the machine came online then turned to address the assembled grays.

POUND: Now, each of you must donate half of your dark powers into the chamber. <indicates vat>

TRYAX: But, isn't that a lot like cheating? <worried look at first> Besides the battle code requires both warriors to fight as they are without interference or assistance from their friends.

BORF: I will win by any means, and at any cost. Even if it means terminating you Tryax.

TRYAX: Well excuse me for pointing it out to you. <shrugs>

The 2nd in Command along with the other Decepticons sent forth dark orbs of magic into the containment chamber until it was filled to capacity.

POUND: The temperature readings are achieved my lord.

BORF: Then let the transfer begin.

In an instant electricity began flowing into Borf's body as he went into a sleep-trance without feeling any pain or discomfort while the transfer commenced.

BORF: Yes, more...more, give me all your power!

Suddenly he cried out as though being electrocuted, his body jerked-spasm violently against the straps then went limp again as Amber, Crystal, Beerus, MegaMind, Gantu, Tryax, Scorch, Gary all gasped in horror as though witnessing the death of their great leader so suddenly. Even the MonStars looked shocked too.

BANG: Uh-oh...did we do something wrong?

BLANKO: I hope not.

BUPKUS: What happened, did something malfunction?

NAWT: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

POUND: Uh, boss?

For a moment no one spoke or moved a muscle. Then Borf began to stir, groan as if coming around so to speak, regaining consciousness that is and opened his eyes with an evil leering expression on his face.

EGGMAN: Uh, I hate that look in his eyes. <cringes or flinches>

BORF: The strength transfer was a success. <sits up and removes sensor pads and straps> I now possess all the dark magic in the universe. Ace and the Autobots are finished!

Everyone gasped in astonishment as they watched their leader stand up and walk about while testing his newfound powers so to speak.

BORF: I control all the dark powers of the Decepticons, of course I had no intention of taking all of it away from you, that would be rude of me. <his warriors all nod>

TRYAX: SkyNet, the Autobots computer. <scowling look> If he senses your trickery he will inform his creator.

BORF: He will not do such a thing! <addresses the Mean Team> MonStars, you know what to do. <all five nod in unison> MonStars, transform!

One by one the Mean Team changed into Caterpillar Dump Truck and Bulldozer, Mack Cement Mixer, Terex Excavator and Kobelco Truss Crane in the blink of an eye.

EGGMAN: So what are their assignments, may I ask? <curious look>

BORF: Simple, while the Autobots and Freedom Fighters are assembled to watch the death match between Ace and myself, the MonStars will infiltrate their home base and destroy SkyNet.

EGGMAN: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! <evil laugh>

BORF: Ace will not know what hit him! <laughs evilly too>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for the second part of Episode 5 Chapter 2? Click here.

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