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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 2/CHAPTER 2 P3. Missed Part 2? Click here to read it.

Now it just so happened at that same moment as Borf returned to resume leadership of the Decepticons...across town so to speak, within a community called Pallet Town (Pokemon Animated Series) that was part of Station Square of course a Chevy Camaro muscle car pulled into the parking lot of a lab complex and stopped opening its doors to let out its passengers. One of them was Sonic Hedgehog as usual, the other was an Overlander teenaged girl named Hope (Archie Sonic Comics) who worked at the labs. They were met by Professor Charles Oaks (Pokemon Cartoons) who greeted them.

OAKS: Hope, Sonic, nice to see you.

HOPE: And the same to you, dad.

SONIC: Huh? <puzzling frown> He's your father? <Hope nods>

OAKS: That I am. <nods too>

Then the Camaro magically changed into the familiar looking cyborg himself.

JESSE DART: Hey-hey-hey...<quotes Fat Albert> no kind words for me?

OAKS: Holy cow! <surprised look> I never met an Autobot before, one from another planet far away.

SONIC: No sweat, Jesse's the greatest warrior in the universe. <Dart nods and thumbs up>

JESSE DART: The one and only sir.

HOPE: I met him minutes ago when he and Sonic picked me up at the house to bring me here and he told me everything.

OAKS: He did, well...I would like to hear those stories another time. <Dart nods again> Now let me get you through the security door.

He led the way to the main entrance and typed in a series of numbers onto a keypad set into the wall beside the door which slid up like airlock doors in Star Trek and everyone went inside, the door slid closed again. Hiding in shrubbery foliage around the parking lot were Amber and her mistress Crystal spying on the facility but in reality were memorizing the combination of opening the front doors.

AMBER: There, got it.

CRYSTAL: Good job my pet. <she nods> This should be easy as a piece of cake or slice of pie.

AMBER: Yeah, stealing the anti-matter is like taking candy from a baby. <snickers>

CRYSTAL: Ha-ha, hilarious. <quotes Hiro Hamada in Big Bero 6> Come, let us return to Borf with the info. <both fly away>

Inside the complex Charles escorted his daughter, Sonic and Dart into the main complex where Professor Albert Wily (MegaMan animated series) welcomed them.

WILY: Welcome again my dear. <half bows to Hope> Nice of you to drop by.

HOPE: Greetings, uncle. How is work coming along?

WILY: Same as always.

SONIC: Uncle? <again puzzling frown>

JESSE DART: <shrugs> Maybe they're related somewhat as brothers.

SONIC: Hope, are you some kind of VIP?

HOPE: What makes you say that? <curious frown>

But it was Albert and Charles who explained...

OAKS: My daughter and Albert's niece is a genius when it comes to discovering science and robotic technology. <Wily nods> In fact, she found a secret way of creating anti-matter.

SONIC & JESSE DART: What?!! <say together in shock>

WILY: Uh-huh, that she did. <beams proudly> Our formula may be top secret but without Hope's help it would be a mystery to us as well. <Oaks nods>

Sonic and Dart could only stare at each other and shrug helplessly. Then it was Albert who removed a CD from a hard-drive console inserting it into a carrying case then giving it to his niece.

WILY: Hope, this CD will allow your computer at home to interact with my computer at the labs so you can keep tabs on what's going on 24/7 without having to come here all the time.

HOPE: <excited> Wow! Can't wait to test it out at home.

OAKS: Here's the step-by-step manual of setting up the program. <hands over a manual>

HOPE: Okay, thanks dad, uncle. <they both nod>

A few seconds later the Camaro (Jesse Dart in disguise) was transporting Hope back to her home in Pallet Town with Sonic riding shotgun of course. Just then however Hope saw what at first she took to be a macaw parrot flying overhead.

HOPE: Where did that parrot come from?

SONIC: Huh, what parrot? <looks for himself> Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown with eyes wide> It's Laserbeak!

Screeching a battle-cry the macaw zoomed down firing at the muscle car as explosions went off around Dart who took evasive action to protect his friends from being harmed.

SONIC: Head for the nearest hiding place!

JESSE DART: On it! Hold onto your lunch boxes. <punches the gas>

Seconds later he took cover inside an alleyway between buildings on Main Street then vanished like a ghost so Laserbeak could not detect his presence. It worked...the macaw gave up looking for the enemy and flew away then Dart reappeared afterwards following directions to Hope's house and stopping in the carport driveway as the teenaged girl jumped out, ran up the steps to the front door then turned to shout.

HOPE: I'll get on my computer to warn daddy and uncle at the lab! <enters the house - closes the door>

SONIC: Ace is on his way right now, the Autobots will make sure they are not harmed.

Together the friends hurried off to rejoin their teammates. Along the way Dart was informed by Ace that Lupe and Lobo had went after Tryax, Beerus and Gantu to see what they were up to which surprised him.

JESSE DART: That's not good. On second thought, they can protect themselves with the light-side just the same.

SONIC: I'll catch up to them, see if they need my help. <jumps out of the muscle car and runs off>

JESSE DART: Good luck! <calls after him then accelerates in opposite direction>

Along the way he contacted Lupe and Lobo letting them know Sonic was on his way.

JESSE DART: He'll be there to back up the play so to speak.

LOBO: Thanks, we'll be waiting.

LUPE: Roger that, catch you on the flip-side.

JESSE DART: 10-4 good buddy.

At that same time the grand chief and her husband-father caught up to Tryax, Gantu and Beerus who were at the moment were resting, taking it easy so to speak with Eggman joining the trio wanting to know how Tryax's plans of leadership went wrong.

EGGMAN: I'm sorry to hear it didn't turn out as planned.

TRYAX: What did you expect? <glowers> I thought I could do better than Borf but everything unraveled, came apart in the end.

GANTU: No thanks to a couple of lupine warriors.

BEERUS: Yeah, calling themselves the grand chief and pack leader.

EGGMAN: Oh? <curious look behind dark glasses>

LUPE: That would be us, gentlemen. <addresses them>

LOBO: Yeah, sorry if we messed things up for you. <to Kahn>

TRYAX: Why you...<glares> I'll show you a thing or two of ruining my plans. <clenched fists>

SONIC: That's what you think. <arrives on-site> You want to pick a fight with them, you'll have to get through me too.

EGGMAN: Not you again! <smacks forehead> Oh, you're a case of bad luck to me. <rolls his eyes>

SONIC: <leers> Well sorry if you feel that way for me, Doc.

GANTU: Taste the power of the dark arts! <attacks first>

The security officer and head of the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center struck out with orbs of magic thrown at Sonic who dodged the deadly projectiles. Beerus also lashed out with dark orbs.

BEERUS: You're no match for the power of the dark-side.

SONIC: Guess again, sucker. <avoids the attacks easily>

LOBO: I got him! <hits back with his own powers>

He scored direct hits on Beerus knocking him off-balance momentarily which angered him of being attacked by a mere Mobian wolf.

BEERUS: Ravage, take him!

Snarling-growling the feline predator appeared out of nowhere like magic ready to pounce.

TRYAX: Say farewell to your destiny, rodent. <sneers and levels his laser guns>

SONIC: Who are you calling a rodent, huh? <glares back>

TRYAX: Fire! <opens up with his guns>

GANTU: Asta-la-vista, baby. <quotes the Terminator as he too opens fire>

The combined shots sprawled Sonic onto his backside knocking the wind out of his sails as Ravage sprang forth, knocking down Lobo then began scratching-biting.

LUPE: No, get away from my husband! <rushes to help him>

At the same time that was taking was Hope at her home with her mother Lady Agnes (Archie Sonic Comics) attempting to contact Charles and Albert at the labs.

HOPE: Come on, dad, uncle...acknowledge.

AGNES: Hope they get your message in time. <worried look>

Inside the main office the two scientists were about to answer the incoming message when an explosion from outside drew their attention.

WILEY: What's that? <scowling frown> Are we being attacked.

OAKS: Who would dare assault the labs? <also frowns>

What was happening at that moment was the forces of Borf, MegaMind, Amber, Crystal, Gary, Scorch were making their assault on the lab complex.

BORF: Unlimited energy is almost mine.

SCORCH: Can't wait to see the boss use this power in action.

GARY: There's no way the Autobots can withstand against anti-matter.

CRYSTAL: Same thing here.

MEGAMIND: <watches Amber enter password> Bingo, she's got it. <the door slides open>

AMBER: <sneers> Easy as taking candy from a baby.

BORF: This way we'll grab it before they know what hit them. <leads his minions inside>

The Decepticons entered the main workplace startling workers alike who froze in shock at the intruders.

BORF: Surrender the anti-matter formula, I want it.

WILY: No way! You don't know how to control it.

OAKS: You're too late, I killed it with a virus program.

The supernova twins, super genius, his sister and pet gasped in shock...except Borf who frowned suspiciously then reached out through the dark-side in search for the formula.

BORF: He downloaded the program to somebody, I don't know who but I soon will. Let these hostages go, we seek another.

At the residence of Oaks...Agnes and Hope were startled to see data scrolling onto the monitor screen.

AGNES: My goodness! Your father just sent the anti-matter formula.

HOPE: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> I got to keep it safe. <begins transferring data onto CD>

Meanwhile the rumble between Lupe, Sonic and Lobo VS Tryax, Beerus, Gantu and Ravage continued. Lobo kicked Ravage off him at the same time Sonic slammed full tilt as a spinning blue ball into the feline predator knocking him away.

BEERUS: No one does that to my pet and gets away with it! <glares>

SONIC: Bring it on, butt-head! <defies him>

LUPE: He's mine. <glares and prepares to attack>

GANTU: Not so fast, wench. <evil grin and attacks first>

Suddenly Lupe went sprawling onto her backside gasping in shock from a barrage of force lightning thrown at her by Gantu yet managed to throw it away from herself at the last possible second but she felt weak, helpless and unable to move.

LUPE: I can't move, feel helpless. <scared look on her face>

LOBO: Honey! <alarmed look>

SONIC: Why you...<glares>

Both he and Lobo counterattacked fiercely against the might of Tryax, Gantu and Beerus while Lupe still unable to help her husband-father remembered her magic lessons taught to her by Ace and Kimberly long ago, the voices echoed in her mind.

ACE: Be strong in the magic, do not let the dark arts seduce you.

KIMBERLY: Let go, Lupe. Reach out and seek help.

LUPE: Yes, I remember now. <glowers> I must seek help.

Closing her eyes she went into a mind-trance searching for another presence to assist her...and by some stroke of good fortune so to speak, made contact with Hope and her mother who were shocked to hear her voice on the computer speakers.

LUPE: This is Lupe Wolf, grand chief of the Wolf Pack Nation. I need help, can you assist me?

HOPE: Lupe, this is Hope Oaks. Don't worry, I'm taking control now.

AGNES: Go for it honey.

The young woman tapped her keyboard a sequence of commands and at the same time Lupe felt something take control of her body as a surge of magic rushed into her.

LUPE: Yes! <leers> Now I'll show them. <springs back to her sandals>



TRYAX: What is this?!!

SONIC: Lupe...are you all right?

LOBO: Honey...<looks worried>

LUPE: All right, I'm feeling better! Okay, you Decepticons. Taste some of my magic for a change.

Before the trio of grays could react to this threat the grand chief struck out with orbs of light magic while blocking return strikes with her powers. Lashing out with Bruce Lee martial arts kicks and punches she dispatched Tryax, then Gantu, and finally Beerus who went down hard momentarily stunned by this assault against them. All the while Lobo and Sonic looked on in amazement.

LOBO: I don't believe it. My wife's defeating them.

SONIC: Incredible!

TRYAX: Let's get out of here! <morphs into F-22 fighter jet form and flies away>

BEERUS: Ravage! <calls for his pet - he comes running>

GANTU: I'll be back! <quotes the Terminator and flies away>

As soon as they were gone Lupe thanked her Overlander friends.

LUPE: Hope, for an Overlander citizen, you make one heck of an Autobot.

HOPE: Yes ma'am. <responds>

AGNES: That's my girl. <happy for her daughter>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for the fourth part of EP2 CH2?

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