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Fan Fiction

 SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 2, CHAPTER 1, PART 2. Missed Part 1? Click here to read it.

Not far away in the meantime it was Tryax Kahn trying to prove himself worthy as leader of the Decepticons as he led a assault against an Overlander factory facility outside Station Square to be exact. With him was Beerus and Gantu.

TRYAX: <F-22 fighter jet form> Beerus, Gantu, follow me. I am the new leader of the Decepticons.

GANTU: <his normal self> Right behind you sir.

BEERUS: <MIG-29 fighter jet form> You lead, we follow, sir.

TRYAX: Excellent, I'll prove that I'm just as good as calling the shots than Borf was before.

They reached their destination launching assaults against the Overlander security forces sending them running in panic as well as the workers and supervisors on duty too. Tryax sneered in triumph.

TRYAX: Who needs Borf, Mobius's energy will be mine. Beerus, prepare the Energon cubes.

BEERUS: By your command. <starts conjuring forth the containers>

At that same precise moment familiar vehicles were racing top speed to head off the grays led by a Western Star 5700 semi of course.

ACE: Conflicts on ahead, Autobots roll!

With me was Lupe Wolf the Grand Chief of the Wolf Pack Nation in her monster truck disguise of BigFoot and her husband Lobo who was also her father in his monster truck disguise of Gravedigger. Both lupine leader and ex-leader wanted to get involved in clashing against the grays and now was their chance to do just that.

LOBO: Can't wait to teach those grays a lesson or two.

LUPE: You and me, dear.

ACE: That's the spirit, now you're talking.

Two more allies were joining in on the fun, alias Anti-Sally "Alicia" and Miles "Anti-Tails" of course in their monster truck disguises of USA-1 "Alicia" and Monster Patrol "Miles"

MILES: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula of Hotel Transylvania 2>

ALICIA: Yeah, cool. <sneers in vehicle form> Can't wait myself.

Seconds later we pulled up and stopped outside the main entrance of the power plant base in time to see Overlanders running for cover.

LOBO: Uh-oh, trouble is brewing already.

ALICIA: <glares> Grrrrmph...let me at them! <removes her bullwhip>

ACE: I doubt that will be a good weapon against the dark arts.

ALICIA: Huh, what? <shocked look at first> What do you mean my whip cannot harm them.

ACE: Just suggesting, unless you wish to use it then good luck. <I shrug>

ALICIA: <sneers> Yes sir. <salutes me>

LUPE: I'm ready, let me at them. <also sneers>

MILES: We're ready when you are sir. <salutes me>

ACE: <nod> Move in!

At the same time...Tryax, Beerus and Gantu finished the last Energon cube and were about to make their departure of course when Tryax sensed a presence and spun around.

TRYAX: Who-the?!! <eyes go wide>

MILES: Surprise! I bet it's not your birthday either sucker.

BEERUS: He, who are you? <frowns>

LOBO: Stealing is wrong, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

LUPE: Yeah, punks! <glares> It's payback time for what you did to us and our settlement.

GANTU: Oh really...<arms folded> and how are you going to do that?

ALICIA: Can the chat and start kicking ass! <readies her whip>

Anti-Sally rushed her enemy ready to engage in battle snapping out her whip like Indiana Jones of course but was stopped by a force-block when Beerus thrust his hand palm out halting her charge making her stagger backwards momentarily as if colliding into a invisible wall of sorts momentarily stunned. Lobo attacked but was easily taken down by Gantu let him have it with force lightning thrown from his gloved hands even though the pack leader tried blocking it with the light-side obeying his command.

GANTU: You're not strong enough to beat me. <evil grin>

LOBO: That's what you think! <retorts back> The magic is within me.

GANTU: <laughs> I doubt that very much. <lashes out with another barrage>

Lobo went down hard yelling in pain as the bolts zapped him but his wife rushed to his aid shielding him from more assaults then flung them back at Gantu.

LUPE: I'll teach you not to harm my husband! <glares> How about a dose of your own medicine, huh!

GANTU: What the h***! <caught off guard>

He stumbled back a step or two shocked by the ferocity of the grand chief's counterattack. Beerus was fighting off both Miles and Alicia.

MILES: Bet you never faced off against warriors like me and Alicia, he? <sneers>

BEERUS: Ha! Your skills are no match for the dark-side.

ALICIA: Guess again, butt-head! <attacks with her powers> Take that!

BEERUS: <blocks the attack> Not even close redhead. <she glares at him>

Suddenly Anti-Sally went down sprawling onto her ass and backside gasping in wide-eyed shock as Anti-Tails moved quickly to her side.

MILES: Feel tough for another go-around?

ALICIA: Yeah, let me at him. <glares daggers at Beerus>

ACE: Above you! <shouts a warning>

Tryax now loomed over his fallen enemy with a gallon drum of gasoline held over his head.

TRYAX: You're about to become dead at my hands.

ACE: Oh yeah? Why don't you try that on someone of your own clan.

Kahn momentarily distracted by my insult paused-hesitated allowing Lupe to land a sucker punch to his groin-crotch.

LUPE: Eat this! <strikes out with her magic>

TRYAX: Aaaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>

He started to fall, dropping the drum but I caught it with the light-arts aiding me then with Lupe's assistance we sent it flying like a basketball going into the net so to speak except the net was the pile of Energon cubes.

TRYAX: Stop! <horror stretches his eyes>

Too late as the drum struck the cubes causing them to erupt into an explosion of blinding released light and heat, the shock-waves knocking all of us down. Beerus on his boots yelled.

BEERUS: Decepticons, retreat! <starts running>

TRYAX: You'll pay for this Ace! <roughly knocks me down as he runs by>

ACE: Hey-hey! <retort angrily as I hit my ass>

LOBO: Get him! <takes off after him with his wife>

Gantu already took to the sky still in his normal form with Beerus morphing to MIG-29 jet form zooming skyward racing after Kahn in F-22 jet form ahead of them in full retreat mode. Alicia, Miles, Lupe and Lobo could only watch them disappear as I joined them.

ACE: Why don't the four of you follow them, see where they go but be careful not to engage unless necessary.

MILES: Yes sir! Let the light shine. <transforms into Monster Patrol monster truck>

ALICIA: Death to the dark arts! <transforms into USA-1 monster truck>

LOBO: We'll teach those bullies a thing or two. <transforms into Gravedigger monster truck>

LUPE: You and me, honey. <transforms into BigFoot monster truck> Autobots, roll! <she leads them away>

Meanwhile...across the universe within the Sol system on planet Earth at that same time it was Borf and the Grand Council Woman who witnessed the whole scenario inside the Galactic Federation headquarters.

BORF: Boss, I must get back to Mobius. There's no telling what damage that idiot Tryax has done in my absence.

COUNCIL WOMAN: You'll know soon enough my friend.

Now the next vision seen by Borf and his boss was that of Gantu, Beerus and Tryax flying through the sky with the security chief insulting the 2nd in Command by saying.

GANTU: Some leader you turned out to be, Tryax.

TRYAX: Oh yeah?!! I did not know that was going to happen.

BORF: <sneers then speaks> Tryax, Gantu, Beerus. You look like Ace gave you quite a workout.

That startled Kahn to the core upon hearing the voice of his boss so suddenly.

TRYAX: Borf, you're still alive?

BORF: Don't sound so happy or pleased to hear my voice, he? Now pay attention, the boss has something to say.

Indeed the Grand Council Woman revealed another of her evil schemes. She had been in touch with Dr Eggman as the scientist dictator told her about a anti-matter formula he found out that was being created at a laboratory complex inside Station Square.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Eggman said he does not know who discovered the formula but believes it can become the golden key to our conquest of the universe.

BEERUS: That is good news to hear from you personally, ma'am. <the Council Woman nods>

GANTU: Wonderful, boss. With Borf's leadership we cannot fail.

TRYAX: Bah, humbug! <quotes Scrooge>

BORF: I heard that! <retorts back angrily> I'll be joining you soon enough to help steal the formula ASAP!

Seconds later the Decepticon leader was on his way in a matter of speaking...teleporting himself across the vastness of outer space all the way back to planet Mobius where he reappeared like a ghost so to speak being greeted by Eggman and his droids.

EGGMAN: Welcome back my lord. It's good to see you alive and well.

ORBOT: Yes, with the emphasis on the "well" part.

BORF: Thank you. <evil smile>

CUBOT: Crystal and Amber left to spy on the laboratory and will be back with their reports.

EGGMAN: And then we make our strike as always.

BORF: Excellent...<sneers>

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Episode 2, Chapter 2 Part 3?

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