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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - EPISODE 5: CHAPTER 1 - PART 1. Missed the conclusion to Episode 4? Click here to read it.

Note: This is where Draco the Malificent Dragon from Disney Sleeping Beauty returns to once again prove himself worthy...

It all began with sounds of combat...clashing sparks of laser swords crossing again and again with occasional yells, grunts of combatants engaged in fierce battle against one another.

ACE: Want to give up, call it quits?

SALLY: Never, how about you!

ACE: Ha, I doubt you could beat me just like that.

SALLY: Don't count on it, honey.

It was I (Space Ace) and Sally having a friendly mock light-saber duel or as we refer to it as a saber dance instead as we traded pretend death blows back and forth thrusting, parrying, dodging aside some strikes, jumping or flipping through the air, executing leg sweeps and takedowns, force shoves now and then, landing well-placed martial arts kicks to stagger each of us off-balance momentarily. Neither of us wanted to be the first to yield or quit at the moment.

SALLY: I'm just as strong and powerful like you, yes! <leers> There's no way you can hope to knock down my defenses.

ACE: I remember that during your magic training lessons when I instructed you how to wield the light-saber for the first time.

We circled each other looking for an advantage over each other, emerald green and aqua blue sabers humming ominously and held upright.

SALLY: <attacks again> Take that, and this! <thrusts hard and fast>

ACE: Ha, missed me again, dear. <parry her blows> Almost had me that time.

SALLY: Oooooooh...<narrowed eyed tight lip frown> why you, then have at thee! <again she attacks me>

I trapped her blue blade against my green blade then shoved it to one side but as I went to land a strike at her midsection however she swung up her saber parrying the thrust just like that. Now we stood glaring at each other against locked sabers almost pressed against our chests.

SALLY: I guarantee victory will be mine. I sense it in the magic.

ACE: If that is your destiny then it shall happen.

We jumped back pulling free our sabers but as we did so, Sally sprang upon me with a flurry of blows that I found myself barely unable to defend against and in a instant...I found myself on my backside the wind knocked out of my sails so to speak looking up at my wife as she leered down at me aiming her saber in my face.

SALLY: Well, so...<shrugs> anything to say or comment, he?

ACE: You have fulfilled your destiny, congratulations on besting me in mock combat.

I levitated to my boots as Sally saluted me then shut off her saber returning it to her utility belt as I retrieved my deactivated hilt that flew into my open hand as the magic carried it to me of course. We bowed to each other then laughing playfully hugged each other and shared a kiss or two, laughed again holding hands and gazing into our faces.

SALLY: Let's go for a walk in the park, shall we? Sort of relive or recall memories of long ago.

Now we were walking through Julayla Park named in honor of Sally's martial arts instructor who taught Acorn how to fight Mobian karate and kung fu a long time ago. We enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine as we strolled along the paved paths then sat beneath the shade of trees to begin remembering past events so to speak. One memory was when the Autobots spaceship first crashed onto Mobius.

SALLY: It was Sonic, Tails and Fiona who found your vessel and discovered your sleeping terran forms inside.

ACE: Yes, and then we met you and the rest of your warriors <Sally nods> and formed a partnership alliance of sorts.

SALLY: Then began the many confrontations against Borf and the Decepticons threatening our planet to steal its resources.

ACE: I remember meeting Lupe and her Wolf Pack Nation when we saved the family and their home from being destroyed.

SALLY: Ah, yes. Then she and her family signed up as honorary Autobot recruits, ahem! <leers>

We talked about other memories...the attack on Station Square by the Decepticons, the brawl at the dam and power plant station, Sally being trained in the magic arts to become a guardian in the light-side, and many other memories, including...the royal wedding of Ace and Sally, Sally giving birth to baby twins, the attempted escape of Borf's starship heading into space but was thwarted by Fiona and Jesse Dart, etc.

ACE: Since then we've continued protecting your planet from the forces of evil.

SALLY: Indeed you have saved my world constantly. And I thank you from my heart and soul. <kisses me again>

We held each other sharing the kiss of love as the magic passed between both of us. Then on our boots again we continued our stroll through the park then exited the public gardens onto Main Street itself where we paused briefly to watch people coming and going about their businesses as usual. Nicole appeared before us.

NICOLE: I couldn't help watching you sparring with light-sabers minutes ago, boy what moves you both have.

ACE: Thanks, comes in handy to be ready for anything the dark arts throw at us.

NICOLE: Of course. Since you destroyed the deadly formula Eggman was hoping to use in controlling all Mobians minds we haven't heard a peep out of him.

SALLY: Well one can never tell what Robotnik's next evil scheme will be.

NICOLE: No, we are unable to underestimate the dictator.

ACE: I wonder who his parents were, how or why did he become an evil person in the first place?

Nicole joined us as we walked around Main Street when a glowing halo appeared out of nowhere surprising the three of us. When it faded away in its place there now stood three terran figures surrounded by holy light about their persons, Dr Gerald Robotnik, Jessica Robotnik, and Maria Robotnik. Nicole and Sally gasped in astonishment as I recognized my parents and sister.

ACE: Mom, dad, sister?

MARIA: Hello brother, nice to see you again. We've been observing everything that's been going on.

JESSICA: Yes, excellent work you are doing to save innocent lives.

ACE: Thanks, I think. <blush slightly>

GERALD: That's my boy. <beams proudly>

MARIA: Who are those people? <looks curious>

ACE: This is my wife Sally Acorn <she waves> and this is Nicole. <she waves>

JESSICA: Oh? <surprised look at first> Ah, yes...I remember witnessing you and her getting married long ago. <I nod>

GERALD: Aye, we had front row seats in the afterlife with other heavenly hosts also watching the show.

SALLY: <laughs> I didn't know that. <all three nod>

JESSICA: Have you produced any offspring yet? <asks Sally>

Acorn nodded then told of giving birth to a boy and girl that she and Ace named Omar and Angel from the animated show Rock N Rule that is. Jessica, Maria and Gerald congratulated her and me.

NICOLE: I'll be leaving now, I have chores to attend to, bye! <vanishes>

MARIA: Where did she go? <looks surprised>

SALLY: She keeps watch over this Mobian city constantly and appears in her normal form whenever she chooses to hangout with us.

MARIA: Okay...

JESSICA: We have to go back now, just wanted to see you for the first time again son. <kisses me>

GERALD: Yes, but we will always be watching over you so you do not feel lonely without us. <hugs me>

ACE: <tears in my eyes> Bye, dad, mom, sister. Don't forget me, I won't forget you.

I watched as my sister and parents slowly faded away then disappeared as ghosts returning to heaven of course. Sally smiled too with her own tears then said.

SALLY: I'm so happy that you still have your Robotnik family who watches over you.

ACE: <wipe at my eyes> I know, I feel their presence constantly within the magic.

We left for her residence in the neighborhood district where I helped prepare Butter-Beer and we again recounted tales from the past then made love as always to pass away the time. Elsewhere it was Star Lord aka Peter Quill spending time with Amy Rose, Don Davis and Kimberly hanging out with Bunny and Antoine DeCoolette, Colin Kintobor and Flash Gordon working with Tails and Rotor on inventions all the time, Jesse Dart doing quality time with Fiona Fox, Team Rocket, MewTwo visiting King Max, Queen Alicia with Rosy, Omar and Angel at the palace.

Later in the day Nicole and SkyNet detected Decepticon activity on the rise. Thus Ace dispatched Don Davis, Colin Kintobor to investigate with Tails and Fiona of course as backup and soon after two Dodge Chargers, one in the international orange paint scheme with #01 on both doors and General Lee Confederate battle flag on the roof (Tails), the other a deep black paint scheme with engine block protruding from opening of the hood (Fiona) together with Corvette Stingray (Don) and GMC C4500 (Colin) were shadowing fighter jet planes that zoomed across the Mobian sky heading to a unknown location.

TAILS: <General Lee Charger> Uh-oh, those fighter jets look familiar to me.

COLIN: <TopKick form> Uh, yup. It's our not-so-friendly neighbors on the block so to speak, the Decepticons.

FIONA: <F&F Charger> I wonder where they're going? <frowns in vehicle form>

DON: <Corvette form> Let's follow and see where they take us.

They continued shadowing the alien warriors...Tryax Kahn as the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, and Beerus as the MIG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet who appeared to be sent to a certain area as instructed of them by Commander Borf as always.

TRYAX: <Raptor form> Beerus, transform! We have arrived. <changes into his alien anthropomorphic self>

BEERUS: <Fulcrum form> Yes sir. <changes into his feline anthropomorphic god-form>

They stood in front of a warehouse building on the outskirts of Station Square the Overlander-Mobian city as they prepared to break in and steal something. Beerus thought the whole idea was silly.

BEERUS: No worthless steel is going to be strong for us.

TRYAX: I'm in charge, and if I say it's strong enough, it is. <sneers>

They broke down the wall or blasted a hole into the interior scattering terrified Mobian and Overlander workers and bosses who fled in panic.

BEERUS: On second thought, I take it all back, change my mind. <sneers> Nice working with you Kahn.

Then screeching tires followed by the magical sound of transformation caught their attention as Fiona, Tails, Colin and Don transformed, ready to fight.

TAILS: Working! <glares> Looks more like stealing to me.

DON: And I'm talking steel. <leers and draws his magic sword>

TRYAX: Back off you Autobot fools! <opens fire on them>

Davis deflected the bolts with his sword like Conan the Barbarian so to speak. But wasn't fast enough to block a dark orb thrown at him or dodge aside, the glowing projectile slammed into him! He went flying backwards to crash onto his ass then backside momentarily stunned. Tails made a move against Kahn, managed to avoid orbs thrown his way then snapped out with his tails like Indiana Jones's bullwhip striking Tryax dead center in his face and upper torso sending him reeling off-balance briefly.

TAILS: Ha! You're no match for Miles Prower.

BEERUS: Oh really...then here's some of my magic for you. <throws force lightning at him>

TAILS: Whoa! <panics and dives out of the way>

Colin shielded Tails from the energy bolts just as Fiona shouting like Bruce Lee leaped through the air landing a side-kick against the god of destruction staggering him back a step or two.

FIONA: How about trying some of that on me, huh! <glares> I won't let you harm my boyfriend!

BEERUS: Foolish girl...<glowers as he prepares to hurl force lightning again>

COLIN: Not on your life, butt-head. <glowers back>

DON: <still sprawled on the floor> YO! It's fighting time.

Then Tryax ordered Beerus to retreat taking the steel beams with them as Beerus rushed past Kahn out the hole in the wall. Tryax started to follow then stopped, turned around and sneering taunted the enemy.

TRYAX: As far as you're concerned, it's losing time!

Then he unleashed a full barrage of dark magic at the ceiling sending it crashing down upon the terran and mobian warriors laughing evilly.

TRYAX: Now that is what I call bringing the roof down, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! <morphs into Raptor jet form and flies away>

As soon as both Decepticons disappeared the Autobots and Freedom Fighters emerged from the rubble pile glaring into the sky.

COLIN: Looks like they gave us the slip as always.

FIONA: Oooooooh! <bared teeth - narrowed eyes> Grrrrrrrmph...I hate it when that happens!

TAILS: Me too, partner! <also glares>

DON: We better roll back to headquarters and report this incident to our bosses, let's roll.

Quickly they changed back into vehicles and sped away en route to Autobot home base.


Ready to read on to Part 2?

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