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Fan Fiction

SONIC AND THE TRANSFORMERS - CHAPTER 2 - EPISODE 4 - PART 3. Missed Part 2? Click here to go back.

The cave is dark and dank as the Wolf Pack, Freedom Fighters and Autobots make their way along the passageway occasionally hiding behind acid-pocked boulders here and there.

ANGEL: I doubt anybody or anyone would dare reside in here.

OMAR: I agree, smells foul. <pinches nose>

LUPE: Ack! <cringes> does smell bad indeed.

LOBO: Hold your breath or plug your noses.

REYNARD: You got it.

Ace and Sally led the way with Star Lord providing rear guard this time around. Finally we emerged into a cavern about the size of a cathedral church so to speak. Stalagmites and Stalagtites hung from the ceiling or sprouted from the floor here and there. In the center of the cavern stood several lab tables with apparatus equipment set up. Working away at one table was Dr Eggman oblivious to the presence of the heroes and Tryax Kahn assisting too. Neither are aware they are being watched or observed.

ACE: Tryax, Eggman. <frowns> Up to no good as always.

SALLY: <glowers> Oooooooh, those no-good bullies.

TAILS: I wonder what they are cooking up. <frowns>

AMY: Yeah, more of that stuff that made our friends sick. <glowers>

FLASH: Look, over there on that table. <points it out>

We turned to see what Gordon was pointing at and saw...a vial-like bottle labeled Poison Antidote.

STAR LORD: Bingo! We need that to cure our comrades. <then worried look> But who's going to get it?

Everyone shrugged at first then Fiona volunteered.

FIONA: <leers> Leave it to me. I'll snatch it right under Robotnik's nose.

ACE: Okay, make sure they do not sense your presence. <Fiona nodded>

Then the vixen in black attire remembered the Jedi mind probe she saw Obi-Wan do to the StormTroopers in Episode IV when they asked Luke Skywalker for identification as proof of ownership of R2-D2 and Threepio.

FIONA: Watch me use the Jedi mind trick on Eggman and Tryax. <leers>

SALLY: The what? <confused frown>

But she was on her way into the lab strolling confidently as if nothing out of the ordinary.

TAILS: Oh, yeah. The mind probe. <he explains to Sally who then nods>

AMY: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>

Fiona approached the work table and reached out to touch the bottle of Poison Antidote when Kahn sensed her presence and looked up in shock and amazement at first.

TRYAX: What-the?!!

Then Fiona waved her hand in the air commanding the magic to obey her will as she calmly spoke.

FIONA: I am here on orders of Commander Borf, he sent me here to do an errand for him.

Simultaneously Tryax nodded as though sleep-walking as the powers of the mind probe forced him to repeat what the vixen said.

TRYAX: Yes, lord Borf sent you here on his orders.

At the same time Dr Eggman also fell under the mind control spell.

EGGMAN: What do you wish from us?

FIONA: <again moves her hand in the air> I need the poison antidote to save Borf's life since he accidentally consumed something bad.

TRYAX: As you wish. <inclines his head> Our leader must be cured at once.

EGGMAN: Good luck my dear. <half bows>

From their hiding place...Ace, Flash, Star Lord, Sally, Tails, Amy, Lupe, Reynard and Lobo snickered-chuckled to themselves trying not to laugh out loud. Moments later Fiona calmly strode back to rejoin them.

FIONA: At-tah! <poses>

TAILS: All right! <high-five slap with her>

AMY: Good work. <fist bumps her>

SALLY: Awesome, you had them fooled all right. <leers and fist bumps Fiona>

FIONA: You got it. <winks>

Then her expression suddenly changes as she recalled hearing Eggman and Tryax gloating about something sinister they planned on doing before using the Jedi mind trick.

FIONA: Uh, guys and gals. I mean, Houston, we have a problem. <quotes Jim Lovell of Apollo 13>

ACE: What problem? <I am curious>

She told us everything which made me and comrades gasp with eyes wide and mouths half open in disbelief!

SALLY: How dare they! <glares angrily>

LUPE: <also glares> Borf plans on turning all Mobian and Overlander citizens into mindless slaves?

REYNARD & LOBO: <snarl angrily with narrowed eyes>

FIONA: That's what I heard them talking about before I used the mind trick on them. <shrugs>

AMY: Oooooooooh...<glowers> I ought to bash them good.

TAILS: <also glowers> Yeah, me too. <clenched fists>

ACE: Hold the phone, remember our sick friends at headquarters. They need this medicine to be restored to health, then we'll foil Borf's plans of turning everybody into slave drones, and I don't mean robotized slaves under the evil reign of Ivo Robotnik of course.

SALLY: Right, dear. Back to base immediately. <she takes the lead this time>

Quickly and quietly we retraced our steps back the way we came into the cave, finally emerging into the open air again then transformed back into monster trucks, semi trucks and muscle cars to begin the long haul back to Freedom HQ.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for the conclusion to Episode 4? Click here!

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