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Fan Fiction


But no sooner had Tryax departed when a shimmering halo materialized out of nowhere then faded to be replaced with Colin, Flash, Don, Antoine and Bunny. Mr and Mrs DeCoolette were shocked at what just happened to them.

ANTOINE: Holy cow! I thought I was dead.

BUNNY: Me too, am I?

DON: Negative, the magic shielded you from being struck down. Flash generated hologram visions of us being killed instead.

FLASH: Aye, that I did. <beams proudly>

BUNNY: Cool! <thumbs up and tips her hat like Indiana Jones>

ANTOINE: Awesome!

COLIN: What about her? <gestures unconscious dragon>

Just then however Draco stirred momentarily and opened her yellow eyes to stare in shock and disbelief then spoke.

DRACO: But, I saw him kill you.

COLIN: <laughs> Nope, you saw Flash Gordon's magic trick in holograms. <Flash nods>

DRACO: Then, you still live, good. <weak smile before passing out again>

FLASH: Yeah, sure wish I could say the same for you.

DON: Let's get her under cover until Kimmy shows up to perform medical treatment. <then contacts her>

Within seconds everyone stood around the black-purple dragon watching Dr Kimberly attempt to restore life back into her.

ACE: How is she?

KIMBERLY: Not good, was wounded by force lightning.

STAR LORD: I don't get it! You mean she changed sides just like that?

COLIN: Yes, she refused to strike us down when Kahn ordered her to carry out the executions.

Sonic, Tails, Amy, Fiona, Sally gasp in wide-eyed shock as Antoine and Bunny nod.

KIMBERLY: Well, that's all I can do. Now is to believe in the light-side that will save her life.

Unfortunately for everyone, Laserbeak was watching the whole scenario and beamed back images to Borf who saw and heard the same illusion then got mad at his 2nd in Command.

BORF: You disgust me, you failed to terminate the Autobots.

TRYAX: I what?!! <surprised look>

BORF: Laserbeak has informed me they still live. <scowls>

TRYAX: <smacks forehead> Flash Gordon's holograms...he tricked me!

EGGMAN: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>

BORF: We shall not be fooled a second time. Decepticons, prepare to attack!

One by one the grays took to the sky in search of their rivals until spotting them.

TRYAX: Fire at will! <leads the assault>

Explosions went off around Ace, Kimberly, Don, Flash, Jesse Dart, Colin, Star Lord, James, Jesse, MewTwo, Sonic and gang who ran everywhere while shooting back at the terrorists. Borf spotting me took careful aim with the Infanto Ray as though to shrink me back into Dexter again but my pokemon bodyguard intercepted him.

MEWTWO: Oh no you don't! No one harms my master. <lets go with magic powers>

Unfortunately Borf fired the deadly weapon at the same time MewTwo struck out to protect his boss from harm so the combined fire-power clashed and exploded in mid-air throwing them backwards at the same time with MewTwo sprawling onto his face and side, Borf landing skillfully onto his boots.

ACE: Not close enough Borf old buddy. <then stun him with blast from my laser pistol>

BORF: Ha, two can play that game. <sneers back>

He attacked with Karate and Kung Fu moves that I countered easily with the same martial arts moves against him then Sally joined in to help her husband as always.

SALLY: You'll never learn that evil cannot win, stand up to the might of goodness.

BORF: Bah! Who are you to judge me, redhead. <she glares at him>

That is when Draco approached from behind me although I detected her presence without turning my head. Borf saw this as an opportunity to finish me off.

BORF: Draco, destroy Ace. Kill him and all the Autobots once and for all.

DRACO: <glares> NO! I take no more orders from you.

She ripped off the hated Decepticon symbol from her torso then placed her fore-claw to her chest and a new symbol appeared in its place.

DRACO: I am an Autobot now!

Roaring, she spat out tongues of green-yellow flames sending Gary, Scorch, MegaMind, Beerus, Gantu, Crystal, Amber running in all directions then turned on Borf who tried stopping her with force lightning except this time around...Draco blocked the bolts using the light arts within herself then grabbed Borf in one talon claw lifting him into the air in front of her face.

BORF: Double crossing traitor! No one does this to my honor and gets away with it!

DRACO: <roars into his face - stunning him> Up yours, butt-head! <then imitates the bird sign gesture with other talon claw>

Borf gasped, eyes wide in shock at this insult to him and his horde when suddenly Tryax Kahn screamed down in F-22 Raptor fighter jet form guns blazing.

TRYAX: You're though, Draco!

The dragon ducked low avoiding the shots aimed at her, dropping Borf unceremoniously to the ground as he scrambled away on hands and feet in the process, then lurched to his boots and fled in terror.

EGGMAN: Get me out of here! <flies away on EggMobile>

Draco glared angrily into the sky at her so-called friend then challenged.

DRACO: You forget, Kahn...I can transform too!

Lunging into the air the black-purple dragon transformed herself into a B-52 bomber the Enola Gay that is!

DRACO: Time to even the score, friend! <gives chase>

OMAR: Go kick his ass, Draco!

ANGEL: Take him apart!

TRYAX: Where are you traitor, show yourself!

DRACO: Here I come! <races towards him head-on>

TRYAX: You shall pay for your treachery. <charges towards her>

SONIC: What-the? Are they crazy or insane?

TAILS: They're going to crash!

However at the last possible second the B-52 banked or rolled sharply avoiding the collision but rammed full tilt into the underside of the F-22 causing damage and pain to Tryax who screamed in agony as he lost control and crashed into the icy ground unconscious to the cheers of everybody below.

JESSE: Draco's losing altitude.

JAMES: What is she doing?

MEWTWO: I believe she is about to meet her own destiny.

As everybody watched in wide-eyed horror...the B-52 hit the ground, skidded across the icy surface then plunged into the icy waters disappearing from sight as a huge gasp went up from Autobots and Freedom Fighters alike as Angel and Omar ran towards the disaster unfolding.

OMAR & ANGEL: Draco...NO!

Later we stood at the edge of the frozen lake gazing at the spot where Draco sacrificed herself to save her new friends.

ACE: She risked everything to save us and Mobius.

AMY: That means the energy drain has been stopped at last.

FIONA: Aye, the planet will heat itself up again in no time.

SALLY: And the Decepticons are defeated again. <leers>

OMAR & ANGEL: But Draco, she's gone. <tears in their eyes>

SALLY: <comforts her daughter> She won't be forgotten, Angel. She will live on forever within the magic.

ACE: <comforts his son> As long as we believe in the power, anything is possible. We shall remember you Draco.

Everybody took up the pledge "WE SHALL REMEMBER YOU!" before making our way back to New MoboTropolis.

THE END OF CHAPTER 1 OF EPISODE 4. Ready to start reading the next chapter? Click here.

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