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Fan Fiction


JESSE DART: We should be closing in on the enemy's location soon enough.

ANGEL: Right, find out what they're up to.

OMAR: Hey, I sense a disturbance in the magic already.

JESSE DART: Yes, I feel a tremor too.

OMAR: It's coming from that riverbed canyon over there. <points out window>

ANGEL: The dark arts must be in the vicinity so to speak.

JESSE DART: Let's see what they're doing down there.

He pulled up and stopped at the edge of the riverbed let out the twins then transformed to cyborg self then the three of them peered down into the canyon where they witnessed the Decepticons about to test out the space bridge. They could see Borf, Gantu, Crystal, Amber, MegaMind, Tryax Kahn, Gary, Scorch and Beerus gathered around a control station with a rocket sled positioned to be sent on its way into a dome structure at the far end.

BORF: Prepare for the test run boss, the space bridge opens in 5 seconds.

TRYAX: <starts countdown> 5...

ANGEL: Bridge? I don't see any bridge.


OMAR: Huh?

TRYAX: <finishes countdown> 4...3...2...1

BORF: <to Beerus> Release test vehicle.

The sled shot down the chute entering the dome via open door that slid shut seconds later. This was followed by the entire structure rotating in clockwise fashion as a laser beam rose into the air from the top of the dome itself, the sled visible for a brief moment inside the beam then vanishing in the blink of an eye as the twins and cyborg gasped with eyes wide.


Simultaneously on Earth inside the Decepticon stronghold the Grand Council Woman stood waiting beside the teleportation platform expecting the cargo to arrive safely from Mobius. A shimmering column materialized into view then faded away revealing nothing in its place which surprised the Galactic Federation leader.

COUNCIL WOMAN: What? <eyes wide in surprise> Where's the vehicle and its cargo? <then frowns>

Then her #1 apprentice contacted her.

BORF: Boss, report.

COUNCIL WOMAN: Test aborted, failed. No sign of vehicle or cargo.

BORF: Huh?!! <voice sounds shocked>

That is when Tryax decided to get on his boss's nerves in a matter of speaking.

TRYAX: So it would seem the space bridge test failed. But fear not, I will find a way to deliver the cubes to their destination.

BORF: You will do nothing! <retorts angrily>

Then he quickly changed his mind when it became apparent that his 2nd in Command had a point.

BORF: On second thought, you are right. <Tryax looks surprised> The vehicle needs guidance over the bridge.

TRYAX: That's what I said before you rejected my idea. <glowers>

BORF: Well excuse me for misunderstanding you. <sneers back>

That is when Jesse Dart, Angel and Omar decided it was time to get back and warn their friends.

JESSE DART: We better get back to headquarters.

ANGEL & OMAR: Right! <say together>

BORF: I want a volunteer to drive the sled over the bridge to Earth. <when no one answers> Very well, I shall select a volunteer instead.

Realizing they were about to be discovered Dart attempted to get away but without warning something unseen trapped him within its powerful force, lifting him and the twins off their feet before they could resist and carried helplessly through the air then deposited at the feet of the grays. A big gasp went up from Gantu, the Supernova brothers, MegaMind, Beerus, Amber and Crystal alike except Tryax who upon recognizing his rival adversary...

TRYAX: Prepare to be terminated Jesse Dart. <sneers> I've waited for this moment.

JESSE DART: Go ahead, I dare you to strike me down, if you can.

BORF: No, they must not be harmed.

TRYAX: What?!!

BORF: Simple, they have volunteered for the next trip over the space bridge. <evil grin on his face>

ANGEL & OMAR: Good grief...<both quote Charlie Brown>

In the next instant the three were strapped into their seats onboard the rocket sled.

BORF: You should be proud my lucky volunteers.

GANTU: Yes, you will go down in history as the first interstellar travelers to cross from one planet to another.

BEERUS: That is, if you succeed in making it over the bridge in one piece. <smirks>

BORF: Come in boss. <contacts the Council Woman>

JESSE DART: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Threepio in Star Wars>

OMAR: Mom and Dad aren't going to like this one bit.

ANGEL: They'll probably have a panic attack.

BORF: Prepare for test run number two.

JESSE DART: Great, can't believe I got you two into this mess.

OMAR: It's not your fault, you didn't know.

ANGEL: We can use the magic to set us free.

Just then something happened that caught their attention. The dome's door slid shut even before the sled had entered the structure and the cycle process started up again with laser beam rising into the sky as the dome rotated then shut down again.

BORF: <mad> Test run two aborted!

TRYAX: <rolls his eyes> Don't look at me, I had nothing to do with it.

Then the Council Woman contacted her apprentice letting Borf know the space bridge would be shut down to reboot the system again. She assured Borf it was not his fault that he did not send the sled across the bridge.

COUNCIL WOMAN: I'll let you know when the bridge comes online again. <signs off>

BORF: <glowers> Nuts! <his minions look nervous-uneasy>

OMAR: I wish our luck would change.

JESSE DART: Change? That's it!


Combining their magic they blasted apart the canopy then vaulted out of the vehicle startling the Decepticons who reacted too slow to stop them at first. That is when Beerus summoned his pet servant.

BEERUS: Ravage, don't let them get away.

The feline predator took off after the escaping spies so to speak. The twins tried stopping him from catching them but Ravage easily subdued brother and sister. When Jesse attempted to rescue them...

ANGEL: Don't worry about us, get help! Go get our parents!


JESSE DART: Okay! I'll be back. <quotes the Terminator>

Then morphing into Camaro muscle car he accelerated away with the Decepticons chasing him but were called back by Borf who had other plans in store.

BORF: Let him go tell Ace to save his children from harm while we spring a trap for him and the Autobots.

GANTU: How do we do that? <curious frown>

BORF: Easy...he'll say the space bridge is located inside a cave like this one. <displays hologram> Then when they arrive to rescue the so-called hostages...BINGO! <sneers>

MEGAMIND: I like it...<also sneers>

SUPERNOVA BROTHERS: Yeah! <say together>

CRYSTAL: Amber and I'll keep watch over the kids. <escort them away into captivity>

AMBER: Yes ma'am. <follows his mistress>

Moments later Borf sent a thought message into Jesse's mind placing him under mind control spell instructing him what to tell Ace and where to rescue his kids then the cyborg in Camaro form continued on his way.

TO BE CONTINUED... Ready for Part 5? Click here.

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